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ICCAuctions, LLC — Members Code Of Ethics

The ICCAuctions, LLC was founded by a group of informed corkscrew collectors (Members) for the purpose of offering an honest, fair and reliable on-line venue for buying and selling vintage and antique corkscrews and appropriate wine related items valued at $100 (US) or more.

In the furtherance of that goal, each and every Member is committed to the following Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards:

1– ICCAuctions, LLC Members may participate in ICCAuctions as buyers and/or sellers, but only on the same basis and with the same pertinent information as is available to all other sellers and buyers.

2– All confidential information is protected by the ICCAuctions Privacy Policy. Any buyer and seller confidential information which may be available to Members, including but not limited to names, Ebay IDs, email addresses, home addresses or phone numbers will never be shared with anyone, including other ICCAuctions, LLC Members, without the buyer’s or seller’s express, written permission.

3– ICCAuction, LLC Members will never take advantage of information gathered during the auction process, either before or after auction approval.

4– ICCAuctions, LLC Members will never request sellers to reveal their reserves. Reserves are confidential and not visible to anyone other than the seller

5– ICCAuctions, LLC Members will never request users to reveal their passwords. Passwords are confidential and not visible to anyone other than the user.

6– Proxy bids are not available to the ICCAuctions, LLC Members, and are visible only to individual bidders.

7– ICCAuctions, LLC Members will not recommend reserve prices or suggest an estimated value.

8– ICCAuctions LLC Members will not make an offer to buy out an auction early, or request or encourage anyone else to do so.

9– ICCAuctions, LLC Members will not bid on items they do not intend to purchase, or request or encourage anyone else to do so (shill bidding and bid shielding).

10– Items may be rejected for possible lack of authenticity. ICCAuctions, LLC Members are, of course, limited in their ability to definitively detect fakes or frauds from picture submissions and will make every effort to act with caution and objectivity.






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