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Five Different American Walker & Williamson Corkscrews $38.0013 Days, 11 Hours
Four German Corkscrews $32.0013 Days, 12 Hours
A Group of Four Figural Corkscrews $20.0013 Days, 12 Hours
Five German Corkscrew Keys $30.0013 Days, 12 Hours
Brass French knife, depicting don't awake a sleeping dog (EUR) €32.00
(USD) $36.57
13 Days, 22 Hours
French lock back knife in mint condition ca 1930 (EUR) €39.00
(USD) $44.57
13 Days, 22 Hours
US pocket knife, golden scales, marked G 14K, with nail tool (EUR) €39.00
(USD) $44.57
13 Days, 22 Hours
Very rare knife marked REGd No. 642515 (even not in Ellis) (EUR) €95.00
(USD) $108.57
13 Days, 22 Hours
Horsemans knife with harness bolts REPEAT NEEDHAM (EUR) €165.00
(USD) $188.57
13 Days, 22 Hours
Rare knife with mechanical adjustable shell extractor, lock (EUR) €175.00
(USD) $200.00
13 Days, 22 Hours
German 1901 Müller's registration marked HENCKELS (EUR) €150.00
(USD) $171.43
13 Days, 23 Hours
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