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The privacy of all registered users of the site is protected. We are dedicated to keeping all user information confidential.

Information generated by transactions on the site is available to ICCAuctions and will be used to improve site features and functionality. Collecting preferences, addresses, user id, email addresses, and customer names are available to ICCAuctions and if you do not opt out of receiving email notification, will be used by ICCAuctions for notification purposes about future sales on the site or other events which may be of interest. Confidential information will not be shared with other users but may be shared with Sellers on the site if deemed necessary to complete a business transaction. Users of the site authorize ICCAuctions to maintain paper files relating to transactions. Sellers may enter into separate agreements with buyers regarding notification of future sales or other matters, and these contacts are outside the domain of ICCAuctions jurisdiction and are entered into solely by the buyer and seller.

Sellers reserve values are not available to the ICCAuctions and are visible to the Seller only.

Users passwords and proxy bids are not available to the ICCAuctions and are visible only to individual Buyers or Sellers.

Occasionally ICCAuctions or the sellers on ICCAuctions may contact a site user to verify their authorization to use the site. Bidding on high value lots may require additional verification procedures to be determined by the Seller

To remove your name from our database or ask a question about privacy please email the site operator at:



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